Hair Or Bald, It’s All Part Of Hair Fetish

Many people realize that hair is a big fetish for some people. A lot of guys love women with long hair, and for some men it’s become a full-blown fetish; they won’t even consider getting involved with someone who isn’t at least willing to grow their hair as long as possible. For some guys, that fetish translates into pubic hair, leg hair and underarm hair. There are men in the world that prefer that a woman allow herself to go completely natural, letting their hair grow in fully. They enjoy the natural scent of a woman and enjoy the feel of the natural hair in the places where hair is biologically programmed to grow. This is a desire that can be a little bit difficult to fulfill because women in industrialized countries tend to feel that allowing leg and armpit hair to grow freely at least appears unhygienic, and they don’t feel good about themselves or feel sexy when they are not clean shaven. Pussy hair can be a bit of a different story as women are very divided on the subject – it seems that the majority prefer to keep things neatly trimmed at a minimum.

What some people don’t realize is that the lack of hair is also part of a hair fetish. Women that love bald men to the point of it being a fetish is obviously the opposite of having the longest hair possible, but still considered an aspect of hair fetish. There are people that prefer bald things as their fetish. There are men who prefer their women bald and will ask a prospective submissive what their reaction would be if their dominant partner requested that they shave their head. It’s a topic that usually inspires quite the heated argument among submissive women, as many believe that a submissive should do whatever is requested of her that won’t cause permanent injury or damage, and other believe that their hair (on their head) is their crowning glory and should not be tampered with. For many women, their hair is often considered a huge part of their personal identity, and shaving it off is not an easy decision to make no matter how much they may want to please their dominant partner.

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