Women’s testosterone levels increase the heavier they get; BBW girls, at the near zenith of a many a woman’s natural weight, are therefore at their most sexually aggressive. Contrarily men who gain weight that put them near the obese mark see their testosterone levels decrease dramatically. It’s no wonder BBW girls are thought of as sexy, not just for filling-out-literally and figuratively-the physical ideal of a curvy woman but her full passionate desire and while over weight men are thought of as slovenly.

Weight does not affect both sexes sexually the same, or how either gender views one another.

While the paradigm of advertised beauty changes as fast as we can click a mouse over pictures of the latest starlet the world is in love with, women struggle to battle against what society says they must look like in order to be considered attractive. But the simple fact of the matter is that women have hips and tits, they are built for birthing babies, even if they never do, and they are bumpy and round where a man simply is not. The classic hour-glass figure might not be as celebrated today as it once was, but really a big beautiful girl exemplifies ancestral feminine traits. If she is all the hornier because some levels of her chemistry makes her so, because of her weight, most straight men will gravitate towards her, even if not consciously; there is still some basic attraction all straight men have to women who are curvy, eve n if that type of women is not the man’s type.

Men see a pass for most of their excesses. Unlike women they are not expected to paint themselves to present an attractive face to the world. But as a man gains wait his excesses or his simple more sedentary life style will affect his libido. The more weight a man gains the lesser his testosterone levels and he will in turn want sex less. Also, as a man’s stomach muscles grow weaker for added weight he loses a modicum of control of his pelvis strength and the actually physical prowess he needs to fuck lessens.

Gaining weight happens to us all but it can be an insidious little snake affecting both women and men drastically different when it comes to their bedroom habits and desires.

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