The word Queen is usually associated with royalty, flaming gay men and with Jenna Jameson, former porn star and who has been called The Queen of Porn. Jenna created an empire in porn that allowed her to step outside the industry and be accepted as a business person to emulate and respect. She ahs since then had a cameo on Family Guy, appeared in a 2001 music video for the Eminem’s song Without Me and debated porn is a cause of prostitution with the Oxford Union debating society which she won.

But if you do a google search besides Jenna you’ll find that the The Queen of England, Elizabeth herself, asked porn artist Jonathan Yeo to create a portrait of Sir David Attenborough. Jonathan Yeo, son of Tim Yeo, the former Tory minister, has also created a portrait of Sarah Palin and George Bush using cut outs of porn images. With England, a country usually a split personality when it comes tosex – as they are thought of as reserved and stuffy about sex in general but with taste that run to bawdy and lewd as depicted by old Benny Hill shows, bestowing this privilege on Yeo it is almost absurd that in the US officials with a Florida beauty pageant stripped the winner of the Miss Weston 2011 pagent of her crown after they learned of her past appearance at a porn convention. Caroline Schwitzky, of Miami, was disqualified after officials learned she was named Miss Exxxotica in 2008 and that she posed for semi-nude photos for a Web site.

In this day and age where almost everyone under the age of 25 has sent nude photos across cell phone contacts, thought about a boob job and have had trouble finding jobs or housing to enter a pageant or work in porn should not be an issue. In fact they should take a page out of Carol Queen’s sex positive belief that porn doesn’t need be degrading to women but can be an educational experience that allows individuals to interact with their sexuality in a productive way.

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