The Ways We Pay

No matter where, how or with whom we engage our more base desires-basically who, where or with whom we get-off with-it will always cost us. Whether we are downloading porn for free over our P.C.’s and jerking or jilling off to it at to our heart’s content, or we are camming with a friend; whether we are even going on a date dutch and get in a little backseat groping with our new guy or girl on the way back from a movie; even if we’re looking at a dirty picture our buddy has sent to our cell phone, we are paying in some way for free sex.

With a date we are paying with time and emotion. We are allowing ourselves open to another person’s drama in our life, even if all they are to us is a casual lay. The closer we get to romance the more we can pay with our own hopes and dreams and as sex enters the equation the tariff can be pricey indeed come a fall out or fight.

Free porn online costs us all in the end as pornographers attempt to monetize their wares in the face of all the pirated content they see cutting in to their bottom line. DVD prices rise and even if we don’t gravitate towards buying them, the market-place becomes ever more restrictive where companies battle consistently to keep their movies off of anything other than from appearing on their membership sites…where they certainly control the costs.

As our cell phones become ever more our portable computers these days and companies realize we are watching movies-dirty movies or Hollywood fare-across them, we are paying the price for ever more savvy machines, machines everyone knows are used to look at porn, send dirty texts and masturbate with if nothing else.

We pay the price for our desires pretty much because everyone who produces that which we desire or our lovers who know we desire them, know they can charge us for what seems like free sex when it never is.

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