Oh, The Big O

Oh that wild, elusive and exciting chase after the big O for Orgasm. It need not be nearly as elusive anymore now that we all have limitless access to that unbelievable big I known as the Internet with all of its’ delightful varied options. All that is required is to get comfortable and jump into the flowing stream of illicit items.

It used to be that when one wanted to find a satisfying sexual experience and find it quickly, it required at the minimum, a trip to go out and actually find another willing live person to hopefully be able to share that experience with you. At the very least one had to haul out their top secret cache of well worn porn magazines, find a quiet place with a locked door and no humans about, muster up an appropriate level of focus and concentration, and then give it a shot hoping not to be discovered prematurely. It had to be extremely stressful, requiring painstaking planning and detail, making finding that fabulous orgasm a bit difficult and ever more elusive.

These days finding quick, cheap and easy sex is pretty much akin to a brisk walk in the park. Anyone can access the Internet and find whatever variety of companionship, sexual or otherwise, that they happen to be searching for. It doesn’t matter if you are shy and retiring and want only to converse with like minded people in a chat room over an innocent and educational topic, or if you are completely perverse and twisted and want to find the craziest, dirtiest fetish anyone can imagine, you will find any and all of your preferences on the Internet without the slightest hint of trouble or the job of running around the house making sure the doors are locked and the blinds are drawn.

Seems like the big O is now the big E, and that stands for easy.

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