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How could we not take to free porn movies? Every one of us understands the advantage of getting what we want as fast as we want it, in the privacy of our own homes, and for free. We now live and die by what we can procure from the world wide web. Given a choice, why wouldn’t men and women gravitate towards dirty content off the net that they didn’t have to pay for?

The speed and facility that the web allows supersedes even the quality of what we’re getting. Audiences will forgo a certain depth of camera work, exotic settings, even the typical overzealous, big tits porn girl for an amateur couple, if the amateurs are presenting their fuck films for free, or at a much reduced price then the competition. It’s simply a fact of economics that over time we will lessen our standards for an inferior product if we can get that product for nearly nothing.

Not all porn audiences feel this way of course, but the connoisseur is the dying breed. There are still those people addicted to vinyl recordings going to great lengths to get them, but they are such small section of the population that their habits never cut into the bottom line billion-dollar business of music downloading and file sharing. There will always be that man or woman who prefers big budget pumping porn action set in wild locales, featuring top name stars, but this audience dwindles in number consistently in the face of the convenience and the startling low price of downloading content off the net.

Pornographers cannot halt technology, all they can hope for is to build a better mouse- trap, churn out ideas, settings and stars that people will indeed want to pay for. But they realize that as every day passes they loose more and more of a hold on their audience who are seeing the high daylight splashing a free road.

Quality be damned when there is free content and ever more quantity uploading daily.

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