Why Not Free?

These days free porn movies are everywhere we wish to look. On-line, streaming from one friend’s phone to another, even on homemade DVD’s people pirate and exchange all manner of stuff.

If what we want is a dirty movie we can pretty much have it for free.

It doesn’t much matter the content either.

Anything from parody, to hard-core to homemade fare is downloaded and exchanged. Fetish and gonzo, romantic or foreign, because of the free exchange of information across the net everything has been digitized and made ever more accessible to a public rabid for it.

The net changed the porn industry very much like the advent of video changed dirty movie making. Film makers suddenly had a way of producing product quickly and selling videos directly to the audience and theaters literally disappeared over night.

The audiences changed to in what they wanted in their homes and the quality they would allow as video was decidedly a lesser medium then film.

The net allows a lesser quality view as well, but people don’t much care as they didn’t years ago when film morphed to home video watching. If we can get stuff for free, we’ll take it and take to it fully, even if we are relegated to watching that stuff on a smaller screen.

It’s the ease and less expense that we gravitate towards, and in the case of most porn movies we can get into our home, we aren’t paying a dime and we can grab whatever we want when we want it.

Of course pornographers are crying foul, just as they did when theaters closed years ago. They see too much of their content being pirated digitally and watch daily as more and more people are watching their movies without paying for them.

But people will always want to see a visual representation of fucking, and if they don’t have to pay for the films showing that fucking, then the audience is that much happier.

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