We Think We Are So Sexually Free & Wild

As culture we have done so much to free sex from shame and oppression. And so much has been done sense the puritans hit the rock there is definite cause to be proud. We are not however that wild at all. Look at the people of ancient Rome. To get invited to an orgy was on the same level socially as getting invited to a pot luck.

Depending on the God or Goddess that one was dedicated to average citizens would be expected to have sex in church as a sign of respect and hope for a good harvest. In these times most of the people where bisexual. The understanding of the time was that there where different types of love and attraction and the average person had more then one type. This Understanding caught on big in Rome as a gift from Plato. Though personal freedom was not the order of the day in Rome at all there was not allot of time and energy spent worrying about sex. They had an Empire to run and things to do.

Over time though they just got too dam happy over sexed and lazy. No one wanted to support the endless congesting of the Roman Empire . The Godly ruler of the time decided that his rule was not going to be marked by a huge cloud of after glow hanging in the atmosphere. He called his people to pay the taxes and feed the Roman war machine. To which the Senate replied -Nahh we have more then enough food gold and home grown slaves to last us and the people are fat and well contented- As a response Ruler outlawed all of the gods and goddesses that gave cause to the people to be happy and started burning crops.

The roman ethos was replaced by a new moral order and sex outside of marriage was bad. Soon his people rallied behind him in need of food and out of fear of being killed for being a part of the old order. And the Emperor got his war.

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