In Praise of Experimentation

Here’s a very simply analogy, but one ; sadly ; far too people think about: if you ate the same food day after day wouldn’t you get tired of it? But a lot of people do exactly that by limiting their sexual menu to only a few sexual practices, positions, and interests and then are alarmed and disturbed when these old sexual stand-bys begin to not be as exciting and stimulating as they used to be. Sex, like food, is one of those things that needs to be changed or at least shaken up every once and a while and experimenting, or just playing, with new forms of sexuality are essential to keeping your sex drive interesting ; as well as making you a better lover.

The good news is that sexual experimentation does not have to be a dramatic or risky behavior. Simple first attempts, dipping a toe-in-the-water of our fantasies is usually the best metered approach. A lot of what can be done is very simple and is not at all threatening or risky. A good start is to change when and where you have sex, or even just masturbate: if you like to have an orgasm in the morning try it before bed, or vice versa. If you like to have sex in the bedroom then try it in the living room. If you like using one hand for masturbation then try the other. A vibrator or dildo is also a good toy to try to change the way you feel about sex and sexuality ; and this is true for both men as well as women. Another good technique is to change the form of erotica of pornography you enjoy: if you like to read erotic books then try watching videos or such and if you like videos then simply try watching a few adult films. You can also try changing the way you stand or sit or lay down when you have sex or masturbate.

Naturally, if something you are doing does not work for you then put it aside and try something else; but if you do find yourself responding then try exploring what you have found further. Communicate with our lover, find common ground, discuss fetishes, wants, needs and fears. All this leads to a better sex life and it’s all part of experimentation.

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