The old argument is that there is not, nor has there ever been any free sex in our lives and times. Somehow we were always paying to get close to another person and the conventional wisdom is we still pretty much do so. Free is a relative term to be sure since in some way we are paying, maybe not precisely with coin of the realm but maybe in self respect or time for that which we so desire.

Either way sex has never been, or will it ever really be, free.

These days we have access to a mind-numbing amount of diversions with the advent of our computer downloads. But even though there is a bunch of stuff we can view and even appropriate for what seems free we are paying for our modem hook-up and taking time-the most priceless commodity of all-out of our day to masturbate. We’re even perusing dating sites for the chance of finding someone we might eventually get to meet, ad fuck, taking more money and time to do all that searching and setting ourselves up as a viable candidate in each instance.

It is the discrepancy between how much we pay for what we want and what the producers of what we want need to make to stay in business that is the bigger question. As the porn business faces the ever widening possibility of all content ending up on-line, dirty film producers have had to find a way, and sometimes have not found a way, to produce fare that need to be bought. Free sex for them is as much a scary prospect as might be the ruination of their business.

We might still pay for everything but the price tag is always less the more of something there is; it’s simply supply-and-demand economics, and we do have a lot of cheap porn available these days.

In the mean time though e continue to date, try our hand at any number of perversions and fetishes, engage people in chat and think we do so willy nilly with no tariff on our activities. But we pay every single step of the way putting ourselves in the path of oncoming sexual desires and download-able enticements. Staying home and masturbating with our eyes shut costs us time, if nothing else.

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