Planning Groupie Antics

If you are a true groupie, there is one thing that you want, and it may be the one thing you want more than just about anything else; that is to get close to your favorite music star. It doesn’t matter if you’re into rock, hip-hop, country, or even easy listening, developing a fixation on a certain star is serious business if you’re in groupie love. Have as much fun as you want, but do try not to get arrested. Recognize that any pointers about how to get into a hotel room in order to have hot, groupie sex might also land you in a jail cell.

There is certainly more than one way to attempt to garner the attention of a rock star. Some girls still like to flash their tits from the audience. That might get a shout out from the stage and a big reaction from people around you in the audience. If causing a little stir is your main fun, that method is probably all you need. You really may not get farther.

Coming to the shows time after time showing your cleavage or sweet ass cheeks could get the attention of a stage hand who wouldn’t mind bringing you back stage. If you aren’t particularly noticed, you can always try to march backstage unescorted. It takes a walk of confidence, as if you belong exactly where you’re going. If you happen to have a talent, it is probably most rewarding to appeal to your star with that. Write something wonderful and post to them through Facebook or their website. If you can, get to know some of the stagehands and musicians who tour with the star, and get them to respect your work. It could seem like a long shot, but a classy artist may want to catch another musician, a play or see some art while he’s in town. The way into his pants could be through his brain.

Barring all that, try desperation. Wait at the stage door and as he’s leaving try yelling out how much you love him and that you want to fuck him silly. He might just take you up on that bold request. Even then, keep it mutually respectful. Stars are people, too.

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