Slave To Love

It might sound like a dream come true, but there are people out there, both male and female, who have relationships with people who voluntarily consider themselves to be sex slaves. Their main purpose in life is to find someone to serve so that they can provide sexual pleasure on demand and in whatever way their master requests it. If he or she wants anal sex, it’s done. If he or she wants oral sex, it’s done. Who wouldn’t enjoy having a life like that, as a master of someone who wants to provide pleasure at all times? It sounds like a dream, but there are people out there living this lifestyle. The person who considers him or herself to be a sex slave are there voluntarily and they enjoy, in fact usually crave, an opportunity to live this in real life with someone that understands the responsibilities of the Dominant partner and who will appreciate what they are getting from the submissive. They feel as though they were born to provide service and pleasure to their Dominant partner, and often they live for it. Now this isn’t an easy relationship for people to find, especially the Dominant partner. The self-proclaimed sex slave will get bombarded with offers from potential Dominants, but the Dominant will have to work a little bit harder to find possible matches for a relationship.

Imagine for just a second how amazing it would be to come home from work and order someone to provide oral service until they’re told to stop, and they do it! That’s the kind of relationship this is. Of course, a good Dominant will consider if is sub isn’t feeling well or if he knows she had a hard day or for some reason cannot provide the same level of service that he or she usually does. The good Dominant is aware of any physical or emotional things that could affect sexual and BSDM play. They get to know their submissive and learn what makes the sub tick, what they enjoy, what they’re willing to dry and when they need to stop. The Dominant has certain responsibilities, the most important one being to keep their sex slave safe and well, so it’s not always all fun and games, but it can be an awesome lifestyle for some people.

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