The Cam Is The Thing

The attraction to cams seem relatively obvious for those of us who have ever perused some on-line porn or live our life more on our P.C.’s then anywhere else. To be able to not only see the man or woman we are attracted to sitting in their specific space, seemingly because we have asked them to and might be reciprocating showing ourselves across our own cam, seems like a perfect way to share just that much of ourselves most of us want to in this modern age.

The next best thing to being there might actually be the best way of being there for us these days when we do all we can to avoid being there; when we take countless days, even weeks finding someone to date let alone getting to know someone across a dating site, when we do all we can to avoid really even meeting our friends and instead rely on texting; when we conduct not only our personal life but most of our business on-line; when we begin to assume that what we do on the computer, the friends we make and the opinions we share blogging truly matter.

It’s no wonder the proliferation of on-line whores has become big business. It is much easier dealing with every aspect of our life on-line why not our sex life? Why wouldn’t we pay women or men to dance and strip for us, to masturbate on screen as we dictate how we wish them to masturbate while we masturbate right along with them. It seems logical that if escorts have always been a part of our society and our society now includes, actually runs on our dealing on the net, why wouldn’t escorts ply their services across a communication device that can see them reach as many potential customers as possible? Both the consumer and the performer reap the rewards as the girls can stay safe in their own environs and see more men on any one given day and their customers can enjoy them in the anonymity of their own homes.

And anonymity really is what caming is all about. Even if we do show a face to a friend, even if an escort does reveal her body, nobody is going to really traipse across the sanctity of the net because nobody much wants to.

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