That First Time

Most girls will romanticize their first fuck with a new guy; while most guys are so nervous that they won’t perform spectacularly they rush the moment or try to do too many things during the first time.

There is a meal to plan or restaurant to go to, undies to pick out-usually more for the girls then guys-perfume, cologne, outfits and bedrooms to outfit. There is personal grooming to consider and depending on whose house is hosting the event, lightening to consider, sheets to change, music to get ready in the CD player. Condoms need to be bought and sex toys considered or put away for a later date.

Romance and fucking are two drastically different animals and there might be too much or one and not enough of the other the first time two people get together. A common ground needs to be negotiated as much between what’s discussed as how cocks fit into pussies, how hands land on breasts and how tongues search where they are allowed to search.

The older a single guy and girl are the more they know that this first time, very much like the actual first time they had sex way back when, is as much about experimentation, dipping one’s toe into another person’s water as it is about really worrying so much about having the best sex one’s ever going to have.

Sure, sexual attraction goes a long way and some couples do get through some fantastic first time foreplay and good old fashion fit-like-a-glove humping but most of us know it takes a little time and season to get used to the rhythm of a new lover. Most people with even a little bit of sexual moxie and background realize that the first time should be about getting a bit sweaty, seeing one another naked and communicating as best as possible so the next time could be a better time.

That’s not to say that we should throw all care out the window for the first time of course. We just shouldn’t ever be so dramatic to think that if there is a bit of clumsiness or some missed cues that the fucking and sucking is forever doomed.

Sex just requires patience from both partners’ it’s a hell of a thing to practice!

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