The Quiet Night At Home

What we too often forget is that intimacy is not just about inserting cock into vagina sex life with someone if we want to build a life with them at all. As beauty fades so does our desire, physically as well as mentally, but we have more to keep us with someone if we can realize it early.

Sure we want to nurture good sex. We want to certainly explore fetishes and kinks when we feel safe to and have an amiable partner willing, ready and able to trip the light non-vanilla with us. We want to cultivate a sex life that is giving, that will embolden, that is healthy and full of good communication and deep wet moments, but we can’t let our sex life be all we have if we want more than just sex with someone.

Sometimes the quiet night at home can be just as intimate and sensual.

It is the quiet moments, the single seconds that tick by that we don’t regard all that much until they are gone, that matter most in building a life with someone. It is the Satori seconds, as Zen masters describe the state of ultimate being, where we are truly present with another person and just enjoying them being present with us. It is how we take to the world and what it throws at us, with our partner at our side that matters mire then how we roll around from bedpost to floor with them.

A relationship is built more on all the moments, the passing seconds, the quiet unspoken accords or even the high water mark arguments that test or mettle and set our jaw. We need these times, the good and the bad and the dramatic and the benign to inform our love and our sex life. After time the fucking will slack off, it is inevitable that sex will change and morph; that lusts will temper. But if two people have the other moments, the times they were not sucking, rolling or piston-ing hips to recall, build on, cry over and laugh about then the sex will stay, grow to a more mature level and be ever evolving like a good relationship should.

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