What is hedonism? In our culture, the word hedonism has become a swear word almost, associated with the depths of perversion, lusts reigning unrestrained and all manner of unethical sexual behavior. One might think that online dating services are just packed full of such folks, seeking a quick fuck and nothing more. But hedonism can actually be an ethical path.

So what is hedonism? Hedonism is when a person puts pleasure before all else as their highest goal in life. This may seem strange — what about work or duty or honor? But the truth is that we all only get to live once — reincarnation notwithstanding — and so for many the decision to seek out what makes them happiest makes a lot of sense. This may be a lot of hot fucking, orgies, bisexuality, group sex, all kinds of fetishes and strange sexual practices. This might mean polyamory or open relationships or just having a whole bunch of fuckbuddies, lovers, booty calls, and sexual hookups. One can also be a hedonist about any number of other pleasures which one has, from food to fine wines to movies to drugs.

Is the life of the true hedonist just one wild sex party after another? In reality, this kind of life style is unsustainable regardless of how much virility or sexual stamina a person has. One needs to stop to breathe and eat after all. Beyond that, ethical hedonism requires a little bit more thought. For example if I engage in selfish sexual behavior like adultery, cheating, lying, or unsafe sex — fucking dozens of partners unprotected without condoms — the consequences are almost inevitable. From a purely selfish perspective, the pain and suffering these practices cause will drastically reduce one’s own ability to find and enjoy pleasure, therefore they aren’t good ideas for the happy functioning hedonist.

Instead, the happy functioning hedonist is actually one who cultivates pleasure in others. They give orgasms and make others happy. They find out how to turn others into successful hedonists by creating more good feelings and sexual good times for everyone. This ensures there is plenty of pleasure to go around — after all, one can only take orgasms for so long. Give plenty of orgasm and one is sure to receive them back!

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