Simple Steps To Tidy Anal Play

Anal sex and anal play is really enjoyable and gives a great orgasm for a lot of people, but sometimes people of both genders are hesitant to try it. Straight men are often nervous about feeling any sort of enjoyment from anal play, because they worry that it might have some sort of homosexual connotations. Nothing could be further from the truth of course. The anal area is designed in a way that provides people with pleasurable sensations, so it’s just a sexual experience, and if a guy prefers that sexual experience to be provided by a woman, then he’s still heterosexual. The reasons that women are hesitant tend to be a little more complicated.

Women are usually taught that the anal area is somehow dirty and anything that has to do with that area (such as bowel movements and passing gas) are distasteful and should not be discussed. Guys are usually taught from an early age to enjoy that type of toilet humor, so that aspect of it is rarely a problem for them. Women are also taught that ‘nice girls’ don’t do bad and dirty things like that, and it’s often hard for women to overcome those ideas that have been repeatedly pushed into their heads since an early age. Women also get squeamish about the potential mess that can be involved with anal play. They don’t stop to think that anyone who wants to play in that area is fully aware of the implications and is generally prepared to deal with whatever may happen.

Putting down a towel or a protective cover made specifically for messy sex and having a partner who is fully aware of the potential problems is all it takes to prepare for a possibly dirty session that could be extremely pleasurable for both parties. Having an extra towel spread out nearby to provide a spot to place used butt plugs, anal beads, and other sex toys keeps everything nice and neat. Placing a small trash can and a box of tissues close to the area provides a way to neatly dispose of used condoms. Having some personal wipes handy is all that’s left to create a space that reduces any potential mess that could result from anal play. Just those few simple steps will solve all the potential problems.

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