Silent Masturbation for Women

Female masturbation is a vast and wonderful world every bit as frequented and interesting as the male counterpart. Women’s sex toys range from monster dongs to cute clit vibes that no one would ever suspect of delivering powerful orgasms. One advantage that women have over men is the size of their anatomy. Sometimes when a woman hears the call of sexual nature, she might be able to do something about it in public and no one will be the wiser. A sexually savvy woman can also learn to have a very quiet orgasm if the situation demands it.

A common situation where the need for a super quiet orgasm shows up for a woman is in the college dorm room. What is there to do when the roommate is going to be there all night, but you really need to get off? Waiting until lights out and then being quiet and quick about it is a good plan.

Most women are able to find a way to finger their clits in a way that is not terribly disruptive if someone else is nearby. Even when alone, a woman might want to practice fingering herself and finding a way that allows her to feel the increasing pleasure and to orgasm, perhaps with mouth agape, but no sound coming out. Breathing can be tempered as to allow the sensations but not the moans or screaming. That way, when the bed across the room is occupied with a sleeping roommate, getting in that session before sleep is still possible.

Some women are shy about using a vibrator when there are people nearby. This next technique may not work when in the same immediate space, but the pillow method works well in an apartment when a woman doesn’t want the neighbors privy to her jilling off. Vibrator masturbation can be approached as usual with the woman lying on her back, but before turning it on, a fairly heavy pillow is placed on top of her pussy with the vibrator going where she pleases. The sound of the sex toy should be muffled considerably, and then she need only worry about the sounds she might emit as she lies back and feels the pleasure. Sometimes silence is more golden that previously noted.

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