Extremely popular in all types of pornography, as well as in Japanese anime, cartoon x-rated entertainment has proliferated for years in large-sized comics, across the net and in many movies. Film makers do not have to pay the normal porn star fees, can indeed bring any fantasy to the screen and audiences enjoy the representation of real people having sex, even though they are watching cartoons. It’s a win win for producer and audience alike.

Not only titles like Fritz The Cat obviously made for the adult market are popular. Providing that innocent connection to our childhood while mixing with the erotic image the makers of cartoon porno have a field day with Manga art so popular with Asian dirty anime, as well as render Looney Tunes characters to Disney iconography into wanton doe-eyed beauties first known for their innocence now chasing cock or pussy like sexy whores! No more giggling school girls and chivalrous Princes, the modern day cartoon pornographer is perverting those chaste images to engage in explicit adult sex that audiences can’t seem to get enough of.

Animators as well as audience are getting their jollies from exploring their deepest fetishes. Explicit adult cartoons can-and often do-encompass all manner of kinks not normally allowed in a porn film or even physical feats that are possible. Women with ridiculous proportions are featured, sci-fi sex with robots and implements too big for any natural orifice can be tried and taboo age-play fantasies of adults pretending to be younger getting fucked by older, and bestiality are all permissible because, in the end, we all know it’s just a cartoon we’re watching;.but a cartoon we are masturbating to again and again.

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