Public Sex

Perhaps the idea of sex in a public place makes one penis grow flaccid or one’s pussy get dry and tighten up till it shuts. On the other hand, many people find public sex to be a deeply erotic experience. There are many ways this can be explored. Of course, some behaviors are illegal and one should never do anything illegal, but at the same time for many the possibility of getting caught adds so much arousal to make the risks worth it.

Public sex practices can be divided up roughly into two halves, exhibitionism and people who are voyeurs. If one is really dedicated to seeking out a partner for these kinds of things and one does not have a partner, lover, girlfriend, boyfriend or fuck-buddy already, then the best thing one can do is to look on some online dating sites or adult dating forums to find others with like-minded tastes.

Voyeurism is when one likes to watch others have sex or catch glimpses of others naked or in other intimate moments. One might think of the classic voyeur as the nonconsensual one, the so called peeping tom. Of course many people do enjoy the occasional unwitting glimpse of a pair of panties or a tight ass that may be flashed without knowledge, perhaps a glimpse down that tight shirt. But many voyeurs can enjoy consensual watching — mutual masturbation for example. Much of the titillation one receives at strip clubs or burlesque is from the voyeurism of watching others show off their most sexual selves.

Exhibitionism is the opposite of voyeurism, when one is aroused or gets orgasms from knowing one is being watched by others. One could be being watched by just one person or one can fantasize about hacking the Times Square Jumbotron so that all could watch ones sexual acts. It’s easy to be exhibitionistic in front of a lover one already knows, but one can also engage in flashing one’s body parts or driving naked down the road, so that all can see one’s all in one’s car.

Of course, orgies, sex parties, swinger’s clubs and sex resorts are great places for both exhibitionists and voyeurs. Here they can be seen and see and enjoy a little of both, the sights and sounds of people fucking!

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