The Almighty Penis

Some people may think that men already worship their penises enough. At least in popular culture, men are portrayed as constantly scratching their balls, stroking their cocks, and thinking of who they can stick it in next. This may have some truth to it, but it is also true that a cock can be patient enough to be worshipped and brought to a slow orgasm in a ceremony in which the man is the God force itself.

For this ceremony, the man should present himself nude to his partner. He may start out in a standing position if he likes. The body is massaged and rubbed as a lover would with warm hands and sweet-smelling oils. The partner should be careful not to use too much oil on the penis as yes, because oral sex is most definitely part of this process. However, from the standing position, the partner should reach down and make sure that the penis of the God is fully erect. After the full erection is achieved, he can lie back and concentrate on the essence of what it is to embody the God. It is powerful, yet not aggressive. It is the embodiment of the seed that sparks action and deeper awareness in an overriding culture. It is this quiet resolve and profound ecology and connection to the Earth that is being worshipped here.

Once the God lies back and is comfortable, it is time for his partner to go crazy on the super hard cock. Stroke and suck the cock, but slowly. In one context, this could seem like a kind of torture, especially if the stimulation to the cock is with only one or two fingers. It is not meant to be torture. It is simply a way to allow the energies to build far beyond usual. Next, the lips and tongue may be used. If intercourse takes place, the sacred sensibility should be maintained throughout. It can be hot sex full of passion in the midst of holding consciousness.

In the Hindu tradition, the Shiva lingham is worshipped, which is a stylized stone for the altar that represents the penis. Lingham worship may be approximated by pouring milk and honey over the erect penis. Strange, but metaphysically powerful

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