Do Women Enjoy Pornography?

An idea pervades our culture that women do not enjoy or look at porn. A lot of this has to do with the idea men are always thinking about sex where as women are prudish and anti sex. Of course when psychologists actually take the time to study it the truth is that women are thinking about sex as much or often more. There is also a myth that women are only stimulated by sexual writings or erotica instead of visual movies. It is merely our culture which has taught women to hide their sexual desires, but fortunately in the modern world this is beginning to change and women are embracing their desire to fuck, have casual sex and masturbate to sex videos just like men do.

There are some things which women look for in their adult video desires. One common thing is they wish to see real orgasm — that is real female orgasms! Porn is full of men coming, such as the infamous money shot where he pulls out of fucking her cunt or ass fucking her and shoots his come all over the girl’s face. But women are often caught faking orgasms in videos. Understandably women want to experience real pleasure and want to see other women doing the same in the x-rated films they watch. Some women may enjoy watching videos of women masturbating. Others may want to watch couples erotica which often seeks out more romantic setups with more emphasis on women’s pleasure and acts like cunnilingus.

Of course there are plenty of kinky girls out there who may seek out fetish porn and BDSM movies. Kink movies are popular because they show different sides of extreme sex. A dominant woman or domme might enjoy fem-domme films where they see women acting to dominate men and force them to do whatever they want. A lot of women who are submissive enjoy films featuring bondage, or forced orgasm.

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