Is pornography bad?

We live in a prudish society here in the West especially in the United States of America. Our puritan heritage is still going strong as government constantly works to restrict access to adult materials among consenting adults, and produced by consenting adults all while under the guise of protecting children.

Yet everyone who is human has a sex drive whether or not they choose to use it and these days a majority of people use porn. The stories are full of reports of sex addiction and nymphomania. Some experts question whether x-rated movies turn human desires to more extreme topics and whether they make one interested in fetishes like BDSM.

These fetishes and kinks have been among humanity for as long as we have records. And it is also true that for all of recorded history people have been making adult material. Some of the first uses for the printing press were to write erotica and share it with the world. And x-rated photos have been around almost as long as there have been cameras. When camcorders came out people began using them immediately for making adult video.

One may wonder whether in Roman times there were people decrying the obscenity of the new wall mural by the whorehouse, showing sex workers performing fellatio on their clients. How shameful this seemed, encouraging people to engage in oral sex acts when they obviously wouldn’t otherwise.

Times don’t really change so much and now we have people worrying about whether the free sex videos we download off the intertubes are turning us into an immoral people, while meanwhile the banks rip us off. Somehow it’s hard to compare the pleasures of an orgasm, whether gained from masturbating or from fucking like you saw in the free porn one just watched with say, the decision to go to war again! But our politicians do that and we don’t!

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