Online Etiquette

The online dating scene is filled with a ton of people who wish to emulate their favorite free porn actresses and actors. The reality is that most men aren’t nearly as well-endowed as the porn crowd and most women aren’t into the level of fetish that some would consider sluttish.

But good sex can be had at the expense of time, patience and a little Internet Etiquette. First off, on personal sites, have a clear and current picture. Nothing is sure to shut down a sexual connection faster than no picture. Most people won’t even browse the profile without a picture and the only reason to not include one on a dating site is because the profile owner in question is doing something they shouldn’t be doing.

Fill out the profile information. Honestly. Age, height, weight, all of these things may or may not make a difference in a potential match who feels superficial values are wasted. Most people do not look like porn stars.
A woman is going to reach orgasm with a man she trusts and honesty starts from the very first contact. A first impression online is not hard to do properly since the ultimate goal of the exercise is not just to get laid but to find a potential life partner.

In a biography, use honest words to describe yourself. Since the internet and social media are taking over large facets of our lives, people are beginning to learn different styles of expression through the written word since it’s often the first impression made before even meeting in person.

Finally, don’t worry about being a boring or uninteresting person. If you’re a carefree or cautious person, put that down in your profile. With just over 600 billion people on this planet, there is bound to be a match for everyone in the variety of sexual orientations. The final goal here is to find a partner for life, rather than to just get a little pussy on the side though that fun can be had in the journey.

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