Sex On The Beach

For most of us most of the sex we experience happens between four walls, inside the privacy of one’s bedroom. Sexual activity in public is highly restricted which may be one reason that so many people have the fetish of exhibitionism, or sex while being watched, and voyeurism, which is watching others have sex. Some scientists believe that in humans’ original state we lived in groups and therefore naturally had sex in groups. And of course outdoor sex was probably the natural state. No wonder it’s exciting now.

Sex on the beach is even immortalized in the name of a drink. One imagines the waves crashing over one’s feet and the sound of sea gulls and the smell of sea breezes as two bodies embrace in the surf. Then one perhaps imagines finding sand in unpleasant places and it’s easier to wonder whether porn and fantasy are the better option. One can jack off in the comfort of one’s comfortable bedroom, masturbating to adult video about outdoor fucking. As the old song might go, first of may, outdoor sex videos watching starts today.

Sex by the swimming pool is a popular set up in erotic videos and free porn movies. The open air setting is combined with easy access to water and of course the skimpy or nonexistent clothing which is present there, just as on the beach is appealing. Women show their large breasts and small breasts alike, their long legs and men wear even less sometimes, perhaps just a tight brief swim suit so everyone can see their hard cock as they stare at the asses in bikinis of the girls around them.

Going out in the woods provides an excellent setting for adult video makers as well as there is little set needed and just the cameras and something to lay on. The actors can enjoy wild, primal doggy style fucking or sex against a tree.

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