Squirting is Sexy

One popular genre that has been growing recently in adult video is movies featuring female ejaculation. These are also known as squirting sex videos.

It’s important to realize that this is distinct from watersports or having a fetish for urination. Although there is quite a lot of porn which caters to this kink it is also important to know that biologically speaking when a woman cums and squirts she is not peeing. Scientists have examined the make up of a girl’s squirt and shown that it has a different chemistry than urine.

Setting aside this educational moment, all one needs to know is that squirting is sexy. Women having a squirting orgasm are often incredibly loud, screaming and squirming around. These orgasms are extremely intense for them. Of course, men and lesbians alike love to see woman squirt and to see such real evidence that they have cum. There is something incredibly hot about seeing the cunt contract so tight and then gush her juices everywhere. It feels wonderful to have a woman squirt all over one’s cock if one is a man (or a woman engaging in strap on sex). The sudden rush of wetness dripping down one’s ball sack as one thrusts deep into her spasming cunt is just amazing. There is very little else like it when one comes to having squirting sex.

Of course many love it when a woman has a gushing orgasm all over one’s face. Imagine that one is going down on a woman or performing cunnilingus on her. One is licking her clit and sucking it between her lips while one works one’s fingers deep in her pussy. Just then she pushes one’s fingers out and squirts hard, musky girl cum juices all over one’s face, dripping down one’s cheeks and chin. G spot stimulation is key to many women having squirting comes.

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