There are some people who are interested in watching porn movies with their partners but have some reservations. Men in particular might feel from general feedback that their lady friends might be more interested in watching movies of a more soft core erotic nature. Movies with well lite nudity but lacking a lot of graphic detail ave been tauted as the preference of women surfing porn sites looking for things to jill off too. This is a great start for a couple to explore if they want to test the idea of watching porn together. If a man really enjoys spanking he might start with some erotic playboy style movies on the subject and work his way up to hardcore caning as he sees his partners interest growing. But if he introduces something hardcore right off the bat it can have a negative effect and leave his cock without a pussy to fill.

It is not unusual for a man to want to go out and buy busty babes sucking cock for himself but it is not recommended as their first porn movie watching experience to share with a partner. It could turn out less than how he expected. By taking porn movie watching at a pace comfortable more comfortable for their partner regular movie viewers can bring the experience up gradually to something both partners will enjoy. Women do like hardcore fuck action. But society and a new relationship make it hard for many women to admit that they would like to jump right into some hard core porn movies. By watching together the couple could grow and discover new things about themselves that might make it into their regular lovemaking routines. Their relationship could take a turn for the better if they are able to do this. Keep your options open and enjoy things at your own speed as you take the time with your partner to look for these options to having happier sex lives.

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