When two people involved in a sexual relationship want to experiment with new ways of getting each other off they have a great resource in the porn movie industry. The selection of movie niches and sub-niches is staggering. And since there is such a great selection the couple should take the time to communicate their desires, cataloging the things that excite them as well as the things turn them off. If they are especially open with one another they can talk about their fantasies and the things they would like to try but have not yet done without feeling embarrassed or making their partner feel uncomfortable. Using porn videos as a tool is a great way to get to really know each other. This will be a way of exploring different scenario’s without commitment to the idea. After they watch a few porn movies they should talk about the different things that made them horny as well as those that didn’t turn them on.

This will be helpful in discovering areas they should avoid or have no interest in. It can also be very helpful to them to look through the various selections of movies expanding the type of movies they’d like to see with one another. If they decide to set aside a time to do this it could also heighten their arousal, very much like Pavlovs dogs and they will get excited and expectant as movie time draws nearer. This can set their imaginations to exploring all on its own. using a movie to tell a partner about a desire is also another way to use porno as a tool . However it is important that you are sure your partner won’t be offended or taken aback by the movie or the possibilities that it presents. Many fetishist use this method to explain different kinks. Some people find it hard to tell a sex partner about their fetish fearing rejection. A porn movie can open up discussion without putting oneself out there for ridicule.

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