Thanks to the Transportation Security Administrator John Pistole; the guy that decided a bunch of TSA perverts will get to touch your goods if you don’t go through an X-Ray we now have a new porn parody. This sex video is hilarious! But it also does a lot more than provide some laughs and a lot of sex scenes it points out hone of the worse government misuse of authority in decades. Really it is very disturbing when Airport Security Does uses Intimate Screening Techniques on 6-Year-Old Girl. Don’t we teach our children about stranger danger, pedophiles and more. Isn’t it hard enough to protect our children when government officials cross the lines and touch private parts of young boys and girls. Won’t these photos be considered child pornography if the police found them on any one’s computer?

Even with the Saturday Night Live skit, that added music and TSA agents blowing kisses and speak in porn star voices during a full pat-down treatment the government hasnt rescinded or even modified the procedure. Now with a twitter account @TSAgov, whose profile states: We pat your groin. We see you naked. We’re the doormen to the sky. Why? Because everybody is a terrorist.. everyone that is except Muslims who are exempt to the X-ray or pat down procedure. It would be nice if the elected officials in Washington got the message. But unfortunately they seem to be just as supportive of the TSA as ever. Including the very out spoken Jay Rockefelle, who said I Think You’re, (John Pistole), Doing A Terrific Job. Apparently Rockefeller thinks that TSA officials feeling up the small children, nuns and old people while letting bukka dressed women go through untouched is saving lives. Did you know that it has been reported that in some instances TSA officials were reaching down the pants of men and up the skirts of women during these enhanced pat-downs. Who needs a porn parody of this when it is a full blow sex movie all by itself.

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