Both men and women like to watch porn movies. It steams from a persons desire to act on their voyeuristic tendencies. These people get off watching people fuck. It may have grown out of the same audience need to attend the old burlesque and strip shows. But actually watching women strip on stage never really showed as much as a sex flick does. In fact the strippers back those days were artists. They knew how to tease and titillate without showing much if any pink. For those people that like to watch a girl get naked and use a sex toy on herself this is a thrill. That is why cam girls sites are so popular. Cam girls are live shows like the burlesque but with a more porn video attitude.

There are a handful of theaters where people can watch the movies but they are mostly concentrated in bigger cities and even there they are not very popular since religious groups tend to shut them down as fast as they can be opened. Most people prefer to watch dirty movies in the privacy of their own home. This is for a few reasons. The most common is simple shyness, not everyone is an exhibitionist. Other people are embarrassed that they need these porn movies to get off. Guilt and masturbation is best done in private. That is why when you compare sales between drive-in porn movies, theater movies with their sticky floors and perverts jerking off and renting a sex flick for personal private at home use and the money maker is clearly the videos. Online movies are allow the masturbate to pick and chose what sex scenes they need to get off and It is more economical for porn production companies because they are recycling pieces of other work and not reinventing the wheel every time. Online porn clips also avoids hitting the wanker with coming attractions and other advertisements and all sorts of other related costs that can really eat up one’s desire to come. One porn movie can yield hundreds of clips and if the quality of the film is good it can even be cut up for picture stills. It is clear that that is where the gold is is in making the videos.

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