The Tsunami

More or less free porn videos are everywhere we look. It’s impossible as an adult to avoid the barrage of dirty images that fly by us in an ever increasing attempt to engage our lusts. With the speed and agility of the net it is no wonder it is a breeding ground for our more prurient interests. The facility we have with the Internet very nearly maintains a twisted view of whispered prompt in Field of Dreams; porn makers built it and people came. Grabbing the tiger by the tail, knowing that the population logging-on line daily and looking to engage their minds, bodies and genitals-often times together-as well as spend money, the makers of sex movies made their presence known on the net with a tsunami of stuff for their audience.

Cam girls, escorts, just about everybody else got into the action as well. Phone-sex operators became cam girls, escorts began to reach customers further afield then they ever could and even dominatrixes found they could order subs into humiliations from email or by visiting them over Skype. Where our desires, fetishes and simple good-old fashioned masturbation is involved we suddenly had a way to get them faster and, in many instances, for free. Why not take to the Internet then…both for the audience and customer who wants something naughty and those people who make and provide something naughty.

Of course the very medium they saw bolstering their presence was also cutting into the pornographers’ bottom line. If all this stuff was suddenly available, and a lot of it for free, it stood to reason and it did come to pass that too much of what dirty movie studios were presenting did actually end up on line in the form of free porn videos and now the quandary of every studio is how to make money from the constant flow of pirated material, when at the same time, these companies want to maintain a on-line presence.

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