Dirty Sex

There are many different opinions on what exactly constitutes dirty sex. It is all actually quite a matter for the participants to determine. For Asian men the idea of dirty sex is literally that, they like everything clean and orderly so if a woman has hairy armpits, hasn’t washed, reeks of garlic or other strong smells they would cal that dirty and be very aroused by such a woman. Some people think of sex that pushes boundaries as dirty sex. Some people find the extreme fetishes to be very dirty and some are even outlawed. If a couple thinks that their taste in sexual practices is vastly different then they need to talk.

Only through open discussion can they discover where each other’s boundaries are in fucking. And through this discovery they can then establish a happy medium that will bring them both satisfaction. This frank discussion should have been part of the courtship but on occasion couples grow differently and in different directions. If the ideal is to stay together then sex is always a good place to start. it is an essential glue to keeping people together. If the sex falls apart then there are so many other reasons for leaving that it makes it hard to remember why you fell in love. One way to merge desires is to see what turns the other one. An easy way to do this is to to introduce porn videos into your sex life. Both people need to pick a few sex movies that turn them on and make a movie night of it. They should be prepared to act out or discuss the things in the movie that they find hot. By making this video watching a special occasion provides you and your partner a chance to explore new pleasure and it also keep to certain limits as well. This way you are able to observe your conditions and still get the sexual satisfaction in your sex life that you desire and need. It is a very well balanced position to take with your partner. It may take some time to hammer out the details especially if the desires are very different but you can get there with solid communication.

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