Older women

Dating single older woman sees herself looking in a world that devalues her every year she grows older. Well past those years of bimbo-fueled giggling or mid-thirties executive moving and shaking-even past one’s prime years of being a mom-society has very little use for the older single lady. Marching into one’s fifties or sixties a woman’s sexual desire might be at an all time high, but is there anyone around who even cares that it is?

It’s the world that views an older woman with ennui, even distain, but in reality the classic well-kept older lady might just be at her prime in intellect and physical stamina for the right sex with the right person. Resolutely sexy in ways no one truly appreciates, this lady has to keep her chin high, dress her age but still entice and jump into the dating world, whether on-line or in person.

It’s a daunting task for even the most spirited of women!

Depending to on one’s agility with the Internet, net dating can be stifling or embolden the single older gal. Some people keep up with new technologies, some women and men are on-line chatting, meeting new people, even peruse alternative websites for sexual interests they may not have had in their youth, but immersing one’s self in online dating takes time and energy, and even women decades younger have been known to give up the ghost when trying to date this way.
Mostly though, the images and mocking women get from the media can knock them down more than anything else.

Aware that her breasts might not be sitting as high as they once did, that she might sport a tummy now, that her skin is not as supple as when she was in her twenties, women more than men are consistently aware of how they are viewed, how they are compared and how they are not seen as attractive as their younger counterparts. An older lady celebrated sexually is the anomaly more than the norm and this more than anything else might stop an older woman dating. Men can get away with labels like distinguished, women are just seen as old.

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