The Eroticism Of Dichotomy

We are constantly in the throes of the push and the pull, the black and the white, the sweet and the sour; it’s no wonder we would not only gravitate to opposites but that we would, at most times, be aroused by them. The cliché; well kempt seemingly conservative librarian who undoes her hair bun, flips off her glasses to present a sexual tigress to her unsuspecting partner; the high- powered exec who likes nothing more than to grovel at the feet of his mistress; it is what actually happens as opposed to what seems to happen, our daytime activities submerged by our night, what we might say we desire in mixed company but admit to a lover, the chasm of dichotomy we all coddle in our heads and our hearts that makes what we do and how we do it so very erotic indeed.

We don’t need a wide difference to make a difference. The dom placing a soft loving hand on their sub’s back while they continue to whip them, a black leather pump accentuating an otherwise elegant ensemble, often it is the subtle, the fleeting, the barely perceptible moment when our partner reveals some side of themselves we heretofore did not see or expect that alights our libido in ways. A sudden three-sixty degree turn in what we have known our lover to like, a confession of a past dalliance that calls in question what we thought we knew about, but is still so arousing because it simply is in complete contrast to what we thought we did know.

It really is the unexpected that keeps sex interesting, constant experimentation and loving our partner enough to want to please them even more then we want to be pleased. If we can lose a good amount of selfishness in our romance as well as in our fucking, we do stand a better chance of being smacked in the face with dichotomy since we will be open to accept it when it comes and not be so focused on our own needs and movements. A staid sex life happens as much for partners taking each other for granted as much as them assuming they know everything there is to know about one another; or assuming each other’s future moves down to the letter. Ironic as it is, a deeper intimacy is what we work towards in a long-term commitment but the better we know one another sometimes the less we can be surprised by what our lover will say or do.

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