The Myth of Simultaneous Orgasm

It’s hard enough for two different people to get aroused over the same things, let alone be able to climax at the same time, but if those two people are two different sexes, the challenge to come together is even greater. At least with homosexual lovers there is a certain sameness to the actions they perform in bed, their parts and responses are pretty much in lock-step when they are being intimate, but a man and woman together are about as different body types and parts-and responses-as can be within the same species!

Women tend to heat slower than men. Their genitalia do not truly exist outside of their bodies and their responses to sexual stimuli therefore are usually slower and involve a more ardent skillful coaxing. Once women get to the point when they are aroused fully though-the point most men are at almost all the time with little arousal-they can be counted on to orgasm as hard as men, even multiple times.

Give that their genitalia is on the outside of their bodies, a man’s sexual responses are generally quicker than his lady’s. Men respond much quicker to even the most fleeting stimuli; a dates perfume could pretty much cause an erection, the sight of her cleavage will get a man’s blood boiling. In the end a man can be pretty much satisfied, and pretty quickly at that, even if his woman shows him is the right amount of friction across his penis.

For the most part a man must slow down to match his woman’s arousal and she must speed up to match his. It’s no wonder hetero couples do not orgasm together all that often.

It’s not an impossible task but it does take more than a little intimate knowledge of one another for the guy/girl couple to orgasm simultaneously. Each partner needs to recognize in each other how close their lover is rolling to orgasm or how far away they might be, and care enough to wait or catch-up. Ancient practices of lovemaking, like Tantric sex and all manner of modern day therapies might help to make a couple more compatible, but in the end communication and caring are the only factors that will lead as much to good sex as they will possibly dispel the myth of the simultaneous orgasm for two people.

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