The Creepy Single Guy

Some men just don’t realize how off-putting they can be. With no more intention sometimes then wanting to engage a single girl in conversation, a man can come off as quite desperate or what’s worse, a little creepy. The less social the man is, the fewer instances he has had to date a lady or even be in the company of women, the less he’ll know how to act when he is with a girl and the more chance he might exhibit behavior that comes across as a bit dangerous.
There are far too many examples of men who have been obsessed with women who have turned into stalkers and have done those women harm.

The creepy solo man is everywhere, as a bar-fly, the chat-room interloper, the bookstore café regular, the ardent porn fan and the single guy who shows up at the kink party alone. Almost always straight, he seems to know where his intended is going to be at all times or he simply ingratiates himself into the largest conglomeration of women, stays all night, nurses his drinks and lack of cool to such a uncomfortable proportion women and men both become aware of him.
Without the social skills one might learn from dating, the single creepy guy completes his own Fait accompli as he desperately so wants to talk to a woman that he can’t and then when he doesn’t he never learns the social skills to be able to do so. Round and round his quandary turns him as he never gets past the point of his own ineptitude enough to have time to realize how inept he really is and maybe take a minute to simply say hi to a woman without being so desperate to do so.

In most cases the ineffectual guy won’t illicit attention as much as any other emotion really and this is when he could and usually does get forward; we all want to be noticed, even if it is for something negative.

The creepy single guy can grow quite creepy the more he is ignored and it’s many a woman who is nice enough at first to say no thank you to a proposed drink or dance, but many more still that have to avoid their favorite bar or chat-room or circle friends around her when she goes out in the future to protect her from the man who feels wronged that he couldn’t garner her sexual attraction.

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