The Check Is In The Mail

Promises are not good for much when waiting on a check or your lover to deliver. Nobody wants to much get into a business deal if they think there is a possibility they might not get paid; why would we want to have sex someone we feel can’t deliver us a good time? Or what’s worse, someone who promises all the arousal in the world and doesn’t give us even half of it; or is to blind to realize they never deliver.

For a good amount of men and women it is the acting, the precise skill-set they think one needs in foreplay, the idea of just what needs to be done to bring about good love-making that bolsters a false sense of confidence.

What makes a great lover is selflessness. The ability to care enough about our partner that their enjoyment becomes ours, that bringing them delight is in itself delight and that whatever we can do by any means necessary to see them enjoy themselves is the only promise we should ever make.

A good DNA luck-of-the-draw aids in conceit, as if a certain empirical attractiveness gets one off the hook or one’s lover simply so excited to be in bed next to them that the close proximity of such a babe or stud will get a partner off. The worse thing for a guy is to sport a big dick or a woman a rather firm pair of tits; they tend to think revealing their physical attributes alone will amaze, titillate and deliver the coup de grace, when in actuality if there is no real person behind anybody party, no one of substance, and no lover who cares really for our welfare body parts are about as warm as sex toys.

Luckily great lovers can be seasoned, grown, instructed. If they care to hear, to learn, want to please a partner more then they please us, anybody can take the time to listen to constructive criticism knowing inherently that all love-making is subjective and what one partner wants is not necessarily what another would be asking for.

The promise of good intimacy is an extremely erotic anticipatory component of a relationship if both lovers know they are cared for and can deliver or can learn how to.

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