When Sex Grows Legit

The way to sneak dirty stuff to the general public is to couch is as some sort of sepia-toned vintage erotica stored now exclusively on-line, present it as hyper-cool Japanese anime or cull together some high-gloss pictures and erudite text in a coffee table tome. It seems in the case of pornography the more money one charges to be a member of a website, or can bemoan a cultural significance or the actual weight of a book the more legit it is. Through a multitude of packaging and trappings what essentially is, at its’ core, stuff that titillates us, is made more palatable to the masses.

Writers and photographers of it, as well the audience for it have been looking for the definition of porn for a good many decades, attempting to justify the existence of one art form by mocking the other. No one now seems any closer to a real definition-not even the U.S. Congress-and not many people, producers and consumer much care to have one for what gets them off. Man and woman’s need to see representations of their more prurient desires or to read specific text describing those actions has always been popular, both vilified and celebrated in societies world wide.

The result of more porn being available off of computer downloads is that pirating of content-pirating of all content-became a big concern from people who make that content. This resulted in the big companies needing to present something of a high quality, so of late dirty movies have been produced featuring production values rivaling that of Hollywood fare. True erotic photographers see their way to bigger and better books showcasing their work, hoping as they are to separate what they do from the glut of visual material produced assembly-line like by layman in the field. Even sex toys have separated along the line of the mediocre battery driven, to high-grade adult aids with rechargeable power sources costing hundreds of dollars.

Consumer driven as anything else, effected by digital resources like every other business and changing so rapidly in the way it is made as well as produced, porn and erotica are seeing some enormous changes towards legitimacy and commerce. And as it always has, it will continue to exist, in whatever form it morphs into, for many a year to come.

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