The Ultimate Heat

Temperature play as a form of erotic stimulation is a dangerous yet exceptionally fun fetish for a number of kinky players. Temperature play involves using substances and objects to stimulate the body’s neuroreceptors for heat and cold for sensual effect.

Substances include oil, water, alcohol, molten wax and chocolate syrup. The last one is a favorite among novice players and those who are kinky but not fetish oriented. It’s widely available and relatively tasty compared to some of the flavored oils, carries none of the dangers of alcohol or molten wax and can be easily cleaned up.

Objects for temperature play include metal sharps, such as knives, dildos, chains, necklaces and other things that can be submerged in water or frozen with rapid results.

Light bondage and blindfolds-aka sensory deprivation-can enhance the experience as the body shuts down those resources and diverts energy into the direct stimuli.

Typical fire play involves setting something with 50-70% rubbing alcohol on fire, than applying it on or over the skin. Scarring can occur if negotiated and allowed by both parties. Skill here is imperative so ensure the safety of both parties.

Wax is often used as a tool in temperature play because it’s easy to vary the level of pain or intensity of heat involved. Simply by holding dripping wax farther up from the skin, or closer to the body can one induce longer sensations.

Proper precautions for this type of sexual stimulation include water, cotton swabs, bandages and band aids, gauze, as any typical first aid kit should include. If bondage of any sort is involved, then sharp scissors should be included in the event that something goes wrong.

Several well-written articles have been published at various sites online such as The Frugal Domme, Wikipedia and there are a number of BDSM resources for those looking to explore temperature play.

Ice play is the opposite extreme from fire play. Using ice cubes, ice shaped dildos and other methods of freezing water into hardened substances; the body is exposed to cold temperatures. This form of stimulation often produces arousal in women when rubbing ice cubes across or around their nipples. Dangers include frostbite if the objects are too cold or left in place for too long. The danger point is way before what seems like a real problem, so monitoring a partner’s body and observing closely are good ideas.

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