The Healing Power of Orgasm

It is a great thing when something that feels good is also good for you. Cumming is good for you. It relieves tension, can be a great sleep aid, and bonds partners in love. It feels good to give someone an orgasm and it feels good to receive it. Keeping the fluids flowing can help men maintain good prostate health. Some reports even say that healthy, rosy skin is the mark of someone who gets off well and often.

It stands to reason that a good sex life and physical health go together with smoking hot orgasms, but did you know that emotional health can be positively affected as well? Especially for women, The Big O can be a bit of a mystery. Some women are unfortunate enough to have clueless lovers or poor information early in life and are late in discovering what makes the body feel good. They may be perplexed by the enthusiasm for sex in the people around them and feel out of step with the world. Once she learns that there is more to be explored, the fabulous worlds of masturbation and a patient lover can help her find out what he’s been missing. At that point, there’d be nothing wrong with using that mondo vibrator or a hot lover’s tongue for her to make up for lost time while healing the physical and the emotional.
Other women know how to cum, but have been told that how they cum is not ok. Some have gotten the old Freudian message that the vaginal orgasm is the only mature response. Others are lucky enough to experience female ejaculation, but have been told that their squirting is messy and makes others uncomfortable. Hopefully, women in this predicament will dump the lovers with poor understanding and even find a workshop that helps women feel comfortable with what their bodies do naturally.

Men are not immune to sexual insecurity, especially with the cultural myth that continues to favor huge cocks and marathon sex. A sensitive lover who makes him cum buckets and praises him whether it takes him a minute or an hour to get off can begin to heal these anxieties. Most likely, it will lead to a varied, connected, and emotionally bonded romantic life.

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