Sexting and Twitter flirtation

It is natural for humanity to turn almost anything into sex. One can imagine that mere hours after the first text messaging services became available on phones and advanced pagers, someone out there was using it to flirt, seduce, or arouse. One can just imagine those first texts, probably asking another what they are wearing, whether cocks were getting hard or pussies grow wet, hot, or swollen. It probably was not long before someone substituted u for the word you, or other abbreviations which are common but plague the dictionary lovers of the world.

There has been a lot of controversy about teenagers sending explicit text messages recently but there’s nothing really new about sexting, just the term. Sexting is any time one is sending messages with with SMS which to a potential lover in the hopes of getting them in bed-or at least to masturbate and think of you! With the advent of picture texting or MMS one can also include the occasional arousing picture a flash of that skimpy thong one is wearing with the wet spot soaking into them created by the words the other person has been sending will do wonders to increase the fires of flirtation.

Sexting can be a natural extension of the courting process which begins on online dating sites. First one finds a profile that is appealing, and then it proceeds to email or private messages sent using the dating site

Some have taken this into the next level with twitter accounts devoted to sexual banter and conversation. Some dirty twitter accounts share the fantasies of their owners when they are jacking off or flicking the bean or exploring their wet slippery spurting sexes in some other way. Others use them to share naughty photos or meet new sexy friends for phone sex or camsex.

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