Sexual Surgery

It’s a sad state of affairs that a lot of men and women feel that the only way they can be sexy or be disable is to undergo painful and sometimes very risky sexual surgery. What is even sadder is that an entire industry now exists that seems to do nothing but tell young women and men that their bodies are not good and that the only way they can be desirable is to undergo that surgery, some young girls and even young men getting surgery in their late teens. But what a lot of these services do not tell these people, of any age, is that surgery of any kind of always risky and that even if the surgery goes as planned there can be complications and issues that can occur a lot later on and that, especially with sex surgery such as breast enhancement and penis enlargement that there can be a large decrease or big change in sexual response and level of excitement.

What is even sadder, if that is possible, is that there is a large and growing number of people who find people with sexual and surgical enhancements not to be erotic or sexy in any way and who, in fact, find people with penis or breast enhancements not erotic at all. This kind of natural movement is trying to get people to understand that someone who is comfortable and passionate is always much more sexy and erotic than someone who may, on the surface, look like a model or porn star. As someone once very well said that while looks can sometime be a part of initial attraction what that person does in bed, and the kind of person they are out of bed, means more to sexual pleasure than that initial attraction.

So even though everyone at one point or another in their lives may or may not feel like they are attractive, we all need to keep in mind that surgery of any kind is extremely risky. What will will-out with a lover is what we are made of, how we care for them and in the end how we make them feel, about themselves and not just their body or how pretty they think they are.

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