Great Sex-pectations

Too often it’s our need for great sex-pectations that fell even the best relationships. Partners either try so hard to make the sex right because they feel they are caring for someone, or they try and maintain the same level of lust every single time they fuck. We put an unbelievable amount of pressure on ourselves to perform to maximum comfort and ability every single time we have sex, let alone how we want all bedroom play to follow the perfect lines it always has if we enjoy regular good sex with a monogamous partner. But as in all things in life, there can be those times when we simply are off.

Too often we hope that sex will be communication. We hope fucking and sucking will simply ease us out of our day and keep the blues at bay. But too often life simply intrudes and we are down for the count in ways we don’t even understand. Mix another person into the situation, a guy or girl who has their own fears, problems, highs and lows, clutching to sex the very same way, and every love-making turn can take on the desperate attempt to simply keep demons at bay. But a love affair cannot be, nor should it be perfect all the time. Cohabitating doesn’t mean partners need to avail themselves of what’s so readily available just because they can.

Couples can over-think this; men can grow so weary and afraid they become addicted to Viagra, women twist themselves into knots with the worry that if bedroom activities cease then the love affair will die when the opposite is most likely true. While certainly a fun and cardio vascular boon to our existence, sex isn’t all there is to two people trying to live and love together, raise a family and continue a life. We need to allow the down times, we need to allow one another to feel bad and we need to recognize in our partner what they are going through, to try and be there for them as we hope they will be for us and then find our way back to the sex which will be that much more rewarding if we share these intimacies of real life matters.

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