Art of Anal Stretching

Anal play has a versatile role in the bedroom, especially when it comes to fetish pursuits. From filling, stretching and fucking the asshole continues to remain a taboo for a lot of people, gay straight, male or female

For those that feel the urge to explore anal play, the best way usually involves starting off small and with a lot of lubrication. The ass is not self-lubricating, unlike the vagina so proper preparation is a must. For starters, use of a proper enema for cleansing the area will remove most of the undesired elements of the anal cavity.

Next up, toy selection. Numerous sex toys can be purchased at online shops. Dildos, vibrators and anal plugs can be bought at a decent price from the privacy and comfort of one’s own home. Starting out with a small plug and some lube will help teach the user how to relax the muscles in their anus. Breathing exercises help loosen up the tight ring of muscles around the anus.

As the person grows more comfortable with the mechanics and basics of anal toys then they can move to larger toys. Done properly, the anus can be stretched without negative side effects to a circumference of 15″ (38cm) = diameter of 4.77″ (12cm) and more. Little to no pain should be felt and no bleeding should occur. Neither should any tearing.

A gentle and slow increase in toy sizes will make for a pleasurable experience that stimulates the numerous nerve endings surrounding the asshole. For men, prostate massages from experienced fisting specialists can have quite a profound effect on their orgasms.

Toys should not be worn all day though depending on the toy; a plug can be made to fit comfortably inside the rectum. Typically, butt plugs are worn and used for stretching due to their design. A large indent near the base of the plug helps maintain it in place without slipping too far into the intestine. The muscles of the asshole close around the intent to help it stay put.

After stretching, the anus takes roughly three to six hours to return to normal size. Anal stretching causes no negative side effects to digestion and defecation unless done improperly. With proper practice, anal stretching can become an enjoyable experience.

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