Lighting Matters

Some say men are more visual, but truly everyone loves a good image. In the wake of the internet, our entire way of communication has become more and more visual through free porn, etc. Our sexual responses are not immune to this phenomenon. Whether it is due to nature, nurture, or both, the relevance of the visuals where sex is concerned is here to stay.

Just as if you were going to video the scene, having the right lighting for sex matters. First of all, the right lighting can make or break the mood. Garish, fluorescent lighting isn’t what anyone chooses for a restaurant, save for fast food joints where they want you to chow down and leave. Most of us don’t want our sex to be like that, at least most of the time. High-end restaurant designers have it right; candlelight puts a person in the mood, whether it’s for food or for the dessert that comes after.

Lowering the lights does raise the possibility of a couple getting in the mood. However those who are doing it in the dark are really missing out on a huge part of the experience. Sure, the physical sensations are wonderful, but truly great sex has to appeal to all the senses. The musky smell of a lover, the feeling of a hot body, and the view of a set of nice tits or a firm ass can really make all the difference.

For the most part, the idea is to enhance the body rather than conceal it. However, there are moments where the kindness of low lighting can work positively. Consider a story of old college lovers who get back together after many years. They chose to meet in a hotel room where she was waiting for him in low lighting. They say the shadowy images of each other, recognized each others; faces and the smiles of reunion, and made passionate love for the first time in over a decade. The joy of reunion was experienced before any of the changes of time need be realized.

Lighting expertise can be applied, but the main message is to turn the lights down to a place that is generally pleasing to the eye. You and your lovers will be visions of beauty.

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