Generally there are more married men in strip clubs then single guys who date regularly. It’s not so much because married guys are getting laid less and less or that they are even bored with the missus, it’s just because after a time one’s sex life can get a bit staid even with the most giving intimate lover; or through masturbation.

One needs to work at stimulation, either solo or with their lover. One needs to determine the fits and starts of their arousal and how those fits and starts fit and start over the entire course of their life. Some of us grow past certain needs, while other fantasies grow deep roots we visit again and again for our kinks and fetishes. And while some men and women mature in their sexuality, for other guys and girls the juvenile stays relevant and hot.

Some people grow past the point of being titillated by a dirty joke or finding a bared body part specifically arousing to the exclusion of the person who owns that body part. The more sexual experience we gain, even if one’s not necessarily the most social person on the planet, the more one learns to temper one’s lusts or at least one’s reaction to the sexual. But for some of us, even experienced guys and girls, the naughty always stays the naughty and always makes us blush, giggle or slap high-five’s! And it’s these guys and girls who gravitate to the strip-club lap dance, or looking at porn to the exclusion of wanting to be with a flesh and blood partner in their bed.

It’s not that there is a degree to what should or should not turn us on or off relatable to our ages, it’s more what we have experienced, what we hold in high regard-or low-and how our minds are or are connected to our loins that sees us act the way we do. It can be argued that a certain maturity level belies a certain type of action but at any one given time anyone of us can exhibit a wide spectrum of sexual desires and any one of us could be labeled juvenile in our sex on any one given night. If consensual lovers are playing all manner of need, mature, juvenile, downright disgusting can be accommodated and enjoyed.

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