Unique and Antique Sex Toys

Collecting unique and antique sex toys can be a fetish all by itself for some people. There are many people who enjoy collecting these types of things to display in their home or to show off to other kinky people.

The best place to find unique pieces can be at fetish and BDSM conventions. There is always a vending area at these events, and while the vendors may not be carrying their most valuable antique items at a convention, but getting to know them, exchanging contact information and letting them know the types of items that are desired will most likely get people on their contact list when they do come across something interesting. Many of the vendors have contacts with antique dealers, and there are antique dealers who specialize in sex toys and sexual items. If the vendors are familiar with someone and know the types of items that they’re interested in, they’ll put feelers out to the antique dealers and a person might have a better chance of getting notified of the availability of some really cool antique than a perfect stranger would ever have. It pays to be ready to purchase on a moment’s notice though, and that’s not easy for a lot of people, but if it is possible, the buyer will get a great reputation among the vendors and antique dealers as someone who ready to buy with no problem. The favored customers will always be the ones that are able to make purchases quickly and without problems. These are the customers who will get the first contacts when a great item becomes available.

One good way to find unique items or items that will be unique in a few years is to go around to each vendor and ask if they have any items with them that are have been or are going to be discontinued. This is a great way to find items that may not be available in the future. Even if they never become valuable, they’re still a great addition to any sex toy collection because every kinky person loves to have some items that are unique in some way. When in a dungeon it’s always great fun to pull out a really cool item that no one else will be able to purchase and watch everyone get a little envious.

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