How to Reveal Your Fetish

As a couple grows in their intimacy, the partners invariably share hopes and dreams, reveal some of their past and maybeadmit to what they want for a future. Secrets are spoken, admissions made and all manner of a push and pull of allowing one another further access to what is hidden in the deep recess of each person’’s mind, heart and spirit.

And sometimes the conversations are simply mundane. Sometimes they reveal past heartaches or triumphs or the skeletons in family closet.  Sometimes they reveal very intense sexual revelations.

One partner talking about what they are into, how important a kink might be in one’’s life, how much one fantasizes even when they are with their partner engaged in other sexual acts – but wish they were engaging their fetish – often comes as a surprise akin to a slap across the face! Sure, good sex starts with good communication, understanding each other, trying to accommodate, but there are some kinks that are more far afield from vanilla sex than just a quick spanking or a little dom/sub role-play. In fact, in a lot of our sex play there is smidgen of the kinky here and there but for the really unusual stuff one might do well to hip their significant other to websites built specifically for the fetish-minded or the kinky singles. This way one’’s partner might see that a desire, no matter how off-putting to them, might not seem so aberrant if many people share it and come to understand that many perfectly sane upstanding people might like an enema or two or enjoy some rope bondage.

In the end we cannot force our spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend to go along with something completely foreign to them or anathema to their belief systems. A couple might come to the point where no compromise can be reached and they either break-up if the fetishist needs his or her deep kinks just too much, or come to an agreement where one can play in their kink outside of the relationship, but only with people the couple approves and only ever engaging in some specific activity. Sometimes watching fetish porn will be enough for the partner.

Or maybe the non-kinky partner will demand to be present at each encounter and slowly find that their own fetish is watching their partner engage their fetish.

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