Are you allergic to Semen?

We have all reacted badly to our partner at some point or another . But some people are actually allergic to their partners semen after they have sex. Semen allergy is a rare and often misdiagnosed condition that can masquerade as a common yeast infection or herpes infection. It doesn’t surprise me that it can take a big toll on your relationship especially if the woman of the couple is trying to become pregnant. Looks like less orgasm’s and more porn for jimmy . . .

Once your accurately diagnosed, however, couples can be treated successfully. I’m sure you have all heard of Dr. Johnathan bernstein, an associate professor of clinical medicine of the university of cincinnati college of medicine is one of the few researchers who has studied semen allergy and now treats people who are affected with the condition. Dr. bernstein later mention’s what causes semen allergy and how to deal with it.

What kind of allergic reactions can people have to semen you ask? People can have localized problems after immediately coming in contact with semen. they can have burning, pain and swelling that can occur for long periods of time. Most of the time it affects the outer vaginal vault area, though it can affect the inner vault. Some women have described the feeling as severe pain and burning where it feels like they are being stabbed with a 1,000 needles at once.

Some can have a systemic response that involves trouble with breathing, hives and soft tissue swelling . In rare cases some people can have what we call vascular collapse and anaphylaxis where they can pass out.but studies show there hasn’t been any fatalities that they are aware of with this condition; deaths are more likely to occur as a result of a classic anaphylactic response. And some people can have both localized and systemic responses.

Symptoms can last from hours to days. They typically occur within 20 to 30 min, most ofter within 5 min.

What’s really in that spunk that people are allergic to?
Turn’s out that some people are allergic to proteins in semen. They don’t really know which proteins are responsible at this point. Many of the proteins associated with the semen allergy are believed to be common proteins found in all semen, but it’s also possible for people to be allergic to a protein that is unique to an individual.

The systemic reaction is believed to be linked to a specific ige antibody ( ige stands for immunoglobulin E, and is one of five types of immunoglobulins involved in immune sensitivity and response in humans.) that is triggered by the protein; this antibody response is similar to what occur’s in people who have seasonal allergies. There are probably multiple causes of the localized reaction. A delayed type of hypersensitivity response similar to what occurs with poison ivy may be involved .

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