Rumour has it this is not the first time that sexting pictures of Rihanna have been released . I think what we are all waiting for is the sex videos . Rihanna might want to think twice before sexting topless photo’s of herself to a star athlete giving us orgasm like effects!  Or maybe she was totally planning on them being released .

Ok so here is the update real quick. Here’s the deal. The story is that after Rihanna and Chris Brown split up, she began “dating ” a popular sports star. The were into sexting (mutually at least, unlike Brett Favre and Jenn Sterger ) but, as luck would have it, dude shared the pics and they made it online.

Don’t you hate that?

The identity of the sports athlete who received this and similar Rihanna pics is still unclear , but this was supposedly before her year-long relationship with Matt Kemp.

She was also linked to Rashard Lewis in mid-2009.

In an Interview with rolling stones mag Rihanna talks about some pretty deep issue’s with contributing editor Josh Eells about her difficult upbringing, the endless rumors about her relationships and why she agreed to let the judge ease the restraining order against Chris Brown .

So go get the brand new April 1 issue of Rolling stone mag. If you want the insiders report.

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